I am Roshan Raykar

Creative Director

Skills: Ideation, concept development, content planning & writing, Graphic designing, animation & project management.

Education: ♦ Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Graduated in the year 2009

From Karnataka University Dharwad (Oxford College of Computer Applications, Hubli) Karnataka State, India

 ♦ Certification in 2D & 3D animation

Completed in the year 2010

From ANTs Institute, India

Experience: (Business) Artashastra Studios, Started in 2011, which was active till 2017. After that the same business was continued as a proprietary firm, 

Rosh Ideations.

My last used resume: Click here


As an enterprising, innovative and hardworking person, I have gained invaluable experience while running an animation & graphic design company. 

Total experience: 10+ years 


Tools I work on:

Core strengths: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Premiere, Adobe aftereffects

Other tools: Adobe Illustrator, 3DS Max, Unreal engine, Wordpress, Vyond, Canva

New AI tools: Midjourney and Dall-E

Primary work: I create branding related graphic designs (branding & UI) 

& 2D/motion graphic/3D explainer videos.

Add on (1) : I handle Social media research / planning / content / design

Add on (2): With an experience of 10 years,

I have handled end to end execution of projects & management responsibilities.

So, I am capable to handle design execution as well as team/project management.


Oxford College of Computer
Applications, Hubli, India

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Graduated in the year 2009

Awarded with
~ Best Creative Creative Mind Award

~ Best All Rounder Award

~ Mr. Talent Award


ANTs Institute, India

Certification in 2D & 3D animation

Completed in the year 2010

Career Summary 

Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW)

Internal Communications Specialist (Joined Dec 2021)

Responsible for Change management & Communication.

Implementing change through creative processes and 

skills like AR-VR, animation, gaming & graphic designing.


Rosh Ideations

Creative Director (Since 2017)

Projects included Graphic designing, 2D + 3D animation & digital marketing content.

My responsibilities included graphic designing, 2D animation,

team & project management.


Artashastra Studios 

Creative Director (2011 - 2017)

Started an animation company, "Artashastra Studios" in 2011, 1st of it's kind in the region. It was active till 2017. Following which,

the same business was continued as a proprietary firm named "Rosh Ideations".

Projects included branding, graphic designing digital marketing content, 

explainer videos, e-learning videos, 3D walkthroughs, cartoon animations, 

website/app designing. My responsibilities: Project planning, management, 

creating designs & team management


My Portfolio

Graphic designing


Website/App design

Hand made crafts

In the media

Important Projects 
& Impact

Government of Karnataka

Project requirement: To design communication materials to represent Karnataka State at the International festival in Germany

Results achieved: 1 3D animation, 1 motion graphic, 3 explainer videos & other graphic designs required at the exhibition was delivered in 2 weeks

Robert Bosch, Bengaluru

Requirement: To create illustrations for increasing safety awareness among workers

Output: The created illustrations were highly appreciated. Big sized banners were printed & installed in the company premises, resulting in the decrease of safety hazards

Icegen technologies

Requirement: To create artworks & communication materials to showcase their innovative porter management system, which is like a Uber within the hospital, so call the nearest porter, to save time in reaching the patient & save more lives in emergency cases

Output: Graphic design + video materials delivered within a week for a major new launch.


Requirement: To create an easy to understand explainer video for their printing solutions.

Output: Sales doubled with significant increase in sales conversions in their UAE business.

Marvel Artiza

Requirement: To create visualizations to sell their premium, first of its kind property in a Tier-2 city. 

Output: The created video helped in making pre-booking of properties & to increase curiosity among the buyers, not only from the local market, but from International buyers too. It also increased the demand of the project in the market. 

Suvidha Indraprastha

Requirement: To create visualizations to sell their premium, first of its kind property in a Tier-2 city. 

Output: The created video was used as Theatre ad and helped in increasing booking of the properties, long before the building construction was completed

Orange Show

Requirement: To create marketing materials for a Global music show.

Output: Right from concept, content, logo to the flyers & video designs - end to end execution was done and the event tour was a huge success. Every event had more than the expected amount of audience. 


Requirement: Short videos to create instant impression among the prospective buyers.

Output: The created ads were accepted very well by the Client & their target audience. Unfortunately, I do not have the exact metric of the impact, due to Client's confidentiality terms.


Requirement: To create video materials for a Language training institute to go online.

Output: All the materials required for the entire course + marketing was delivered. Their online course was a success helping them to generate passive revenues. 

More about my journey

Started Artashastra Studios in 2011 as North Karnataka’s First Animation Studio. My craze in making miniature architecture & character models, is where the journey began, a Journey of passion for creating BIG picture for our & our Clients’ voice to the World by creating well researched, detailed, creative yet simple art forms which make a space in the minds & hearts of the viewers. 

Pic: The place where I started the business.

Some glimpses with my team. I feel I am lucky to have got the experience to build a business from scratch to a scalable level. I am thankful for the varied experiences ranging from business development, handling clients, team, partners to even sweeping floors & making tea for late night work with the team on tight deadlines.

I was awarded with Best Creative Creative Mind Award, the Best All Rounder Award & Mr. Talent Award at my graduation college. My story on Terrorism was selected among the best in the Student animation film festival. This passion grew to a path on working towards the dream of building a business which will be respected for its creative & impactful designs, & will one day produce an animation movie to be nominated at the International Film festivals. 

I am a Global Shapers Alumni (A community at World Economic Forum for making social impact) & was twice chosen to be a part of India Economic Summit, which gave Global exposure, learning, mentorship & connects. 

More info: Click here

Pic: With Prof. Klaus Schwab

Founder, World Economic Forum


10+ Years of Service Experience... Rosh Ideations’ clients ranged from Start-ups, Government Organizations to Fortune 500 Companies, I have interesting case studies to share.

Click here

Becoming a part of your success story & helping it become a reality is My Passion!


Grown with the Industry, with Clients & learnt along the Journey. Along with ‘What to do’ & I am confident about 'What not to do‘ which gives me the ultimate confidence to deliver the best knowledge with personal experience. 

I have been in the shoes of all - a student, a recruiter, a business person & a trainer. So, I exactly understand the needs of all & also the gaps in the market. I am able to connect to dots & deliver the right value to my students. 

The opportunity to be a part of World Economic Forum, has paved my way to add social value & to connect to the best professionals in the World, from Multi-Nationals, Online influencers, Bollywood professionals, creative geniuses & change makers at the grass roots.
Our Youtube channel & Social media is focused on creating Edutainment content.

I love training / educating

Sharing my training experience

I have have been training students in my School of Passion. Today’s education system follows conventional methods which are not a result-oriented or a purpose-oriented system. One doesn’t know why one is learning what is being taught and where/how it will be used.

School of Passion has believed that one should pursue one’s passion, the outcome of which will be getting into a profession, which will make the whole working experience fun, non-stressful and the productivity quotient will rise both for the person working and the organization, which in turn contributes positively on the growth of the Economy.

Creative enthusiasts/design enthusiasts who want to make a career in the graphics/web design/gaming/animation industry, either find opposition from their influencers that it is not going to fetch a secured career in the design field, or the learning period is long or the fee is high. Sometimes the students are skilled enough but lag communication skills. In some cases, students end up being a mere creator and not a complete designer, he/she is dependent on the senior to tell what to do. But the industry needs a complete designer or rather an executer who can proactively conceptualize, design (with speed and creativity) as well as have confidence and communication skills to understand requirements and present one’s own idea.

At School of Passion, I have worked on solving all these issues by providing training with a method where we start keeping the end in mind. The purpose, clarity of learning, the process of conceptualizing, creating designs using the software, design principles, how to create effective and fast, practicing rigorously by working on real-time requirements – all of this in minimal time and with a goal of getting one ready to use these skills and start making a career in it. This method has increased the overall productivity and happiness quotient.

Social Initiatives

Education without barriers

Level Up, a training initiative which gave freedom to people to learn without financial and geographical barriers. This initiative has been successfully executed.

Project fearless India

Self defense awareness program


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